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YOUR BBQ Marinades

I think it’s more than fair to maximise BBQ opportunities in the UK, on the rare occasion that the sun joins us! This summer MY Food want to make your BBQ experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. . . So we have put together MY BBQ marinade pack for you all. Consisting of three delicious sauces:

Tangy BBQ

Mango Spice

Harrissa Hot

All three are suitable to add to your MY Food healthy food delivery and/or your very own meals cooked and prepared at home. Whether they be meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or tofu!

Not only are these sauces so so so tasty (I am hunting down one to add to my lunch every day)!! But they are also sugar free, healthy and good for you.

Enjoy your MY bbq marinades. Happy BBQ-ing!!!