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The leaves are falling to the floor, in beautiful shades of browns, reds and oranges, the days are progressively getting shorter and there is that fresh chill in the air. We are officially in Autumn!

And one of the best parts of Autumn, are the seasonal vegetables! Have a look at how to maximise your health at this time of year with the list below:


High in Fibre

High in Potassium

High in Beta – Carotene

High in Vitamin A

High in Vitamin C


Brussel sprouts

High in Vitamin C

High in Fibre

Contains Folate

Contains Antioxidants.


Fresh Figs

High in Fibre

Lowers Cholesterol

High in Calcium

Prevents Hypertension



Reduce Inflammation

High in Antioxidants


Butternut squash

Contains Beta- Carotene

High in Vitamin B6

High in Vitamin C

High in Fibre

Contains Potassium



Anti- Inflammatory properties

Contains Antioxidants



High in Fibre

Contains Magnesium, Phosphorus & Calcium

Contains Vitamin B1, B2 & vitamin E

Contains Potassium



High in Vitamin C & E



High in vitamins B, C, E & K

Contains Manganese

Contains Zinc

Contains Iron

Contains Phosphorous



High in B Vitamins



Low in sugar

High in Vitamin C

Contains Potassium

Contains Calcium


Sweet potato

High in Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B2

Contains Phosphorus, Niacin and Fibre.

Contains Manganese

Contains Copper

Contains Pantothenic Acid

Contains Potassium


Enjoy your MY Food healthy meals packed with all this Autumnal goodness!

Stay healthy 😊