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“Which Part Of Don’t Do It, Do You Not Understand!?”

Good morning.

Well, here we are the morning after the night before. I am bloated, I have had a bad nights sleep and I feel lethargic. . . . No haven’t been out on the booze, I went to my favourite restaurant for a ‘light’ meal!

I had my usual chicken liver starter and honestly, I was full enough to have had a coffee and gone home (I was pleasantly surprised that, that was enough). However, once a glutinous
Pig!!!! The lamb ribs arrived and off I went  devouring rib after rib! Of course I did not want or need them, but hey, I was out and to my credit I left two ribs and most of the rice!

Fast forward to the morning, had bad nights sleep, still feel bloated, and have a sensitive tummy. So in a nut shell ” which part of don’t do it, do you not understand “??

I will look forward to sharing with you my next (and hopefully more positive) update.