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For those of you looking out for new pieces of information on how to improve and maintain your well-being, I would like to introduce you to my old friend mindbodygreeen (mbg). A lifestyle media brand dedicated to helping their readers and audience to live healthier mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental lives.

Mbg offers a broad range of articles written by journalists, fitness experts, doctors, chefs and even some celebrities. Combining holistic healing and western medicine.

Today I thought I would share with you the mgb article on Think You Need Dairy For Strong Bones? Think Again–  which has been an ongoing debate for some time now. (For those of you enjoying our MY Food healthy meal plans, you will know you have the option for everything to be dairy free). The article looks at and promotes other food sources that are more beneficial to the bones than dairy and do not carry the same high level implications! It is a great read and for those of you interested in the topic further, I would recommend checking out the documentary film What The Health (free to view on Netflix).

Enjoy feeding your brain. . . And bones!!!