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Having completed a heavy gym/ interval training session on Friday, followed by an evening run, I (foolishly) agreed to join a good friend of mine Saturday morning for a circuit session with him and his PT! On Saturday morning, I indulged in a MY Food healthy vegan meal recipe for breakfast and we hit the gym!!

The workout was sweaty, teeth gritting and successful and I certainly dug in deep and used my healthy breakfast meal fuel (which was quickly chased down by a post workout MY Food vegan lunch)! The session was great fun and I wanted to share it with you all. On the off chance that you might be looking for something new to try:


Timer on**

Deadlifts – 10 reps (60%) of your body weight

Watt bike – Burn 20 calories

Rower – Burn 20 calories

Box jumps – 10 reps

Squat to wall through with medicine ball – 20 reps

Alternate lunge jumps with medicine ball – 20 reps

Shoulder press – 10 reps

Rest 1.30 – 2 minutes

Repeat 5-6 times aiming to hit your original circuit time or lower!

Enjoy your workout.

Stay healthy 😊