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The lady who agreed for MY Food to embrace Veganuary this month, is enjoying a piece of the vegan pie this week with you all!

Check out Nas’s latest vegan diary entry below and don’t forget those of you who are embracing being vegan, remember sharing is caring and we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences during Veganuary.

Day 1

I am excited and challenged, it’s a good feeling.

The key to making any dietary change is to be prepared, today I wasn’t.

My day started with water from my copper container, you can read more about the benefits of this here

Breakfast was coconut soya yogurt with oats and berries, with my lovely tea without milk, it wasn’t as lovely as I like, but it was ok 🙂

Now you’d think that running a diet delivery business my food is always on point, but it isn’t. Like everyone else I face daily decisions on the food choices I make, in fact I am surrounded by food, so there are lots more decisions and choices.

At lunch time I was hungry and the team were really busy in the kitchen, so I ended up having our Sweet Potato & Spinach Soup, as opposed to my normal fish and salad. It was totally delicious and vegan friendly, but not enough to then hit the gym for an hour with my PT! Had I been more prepared I wouldn’t have left it until I was hungry and then I would have eaten something more substantial.

I had invited a friend over for dinner and I was still hungry, which I noticed made my mood bad. Luckily I was smiling again after dinner, a colourful array of roasted vegetables (courgette, asparagus, baby corn, cherry tomatoes & peppers) served with a spicy brown rice & coconut milk risotto, topped with fresh coriander & lime.

Lesson for today be prepared, don’t get ‘hangry’ 😉

Nas 🙂

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