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Combining a healthy lifestyle with the busy working week can often mean satisfying your hunger with frozen and fast food. By choosing MY Food Lifestyle, however, you can have a two-week diet plan delivered to your door with delicious food.

By having all your meals within reaching distance means you can save time, but that’s not the main inspiration for our business. We want to help you to discover new foods from around the world as well as accommodate to a healthy lifestyle.

Our expert chefs will freshly prepare your meals for you and deliver a personalised diet plan for you. You get to choose your food, your plan and when it arrives at your door. Choose a one-hour slot for your sumptuous hamper to be delivered.

By browsing our website, you can easily select diet plans that suit what food and what calories you’re looking to target. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that fill you up or you want to unearth Mexican, Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean-style food, our diet plans are perfect.

Along with your hamper will be a personalised menu to keep a track of. Our menus change every four weeks to give you a variety of flavours and tastes from around the world. To try our one-day taste trial, order it today.