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Helen Harris has been a chef at MY Food for over 5 years. Helping to prepare and cook the delicious healthy meal plans you all receive. When Helen isn’t at the MY Food headquarters, she is putting together new ideas and drumming up new clients for her cake making business.

Having recognised her skills in baking, Helen decided to share her talent with the rest of us, so for a set price we can enjoy the delights of her baking on our birthdays, for anniversaries, parties and a variety of other special occasions!

As we are ambassadors for well being and health at MY Food, I thought it would be a great to see if our baking expert could provide you all with healthy substitutes for your very own baking. That would not only be in line with your MY Food healthy meal plans but would taste delicious as well!

What would be your top 3 sugar supplements in cake? Parsnip, sweet potato and agave nectar.

What is the best way to make cake gluten free but still tasty and full? Substitute ordinary flour for gluten free flour and avoid all flavorings that contain gluten.

What ingredients would you use for a vegan cake, instead of using sugar, eggs, butter and chocolate? Coconut oil, use different flour eg rye flour, vegetable oil, lemon juice and depending on the cake, baking powder.

What is the hardest cake you have had to make to accommodate dietary requirements or allergies? No nuts because many of the ingredients used to flavour cakes contain traces of nuts.

What is your favourite cake to eat? A Victoria sponge

What is your favourite cake to bake? It would have to be a marble cake!

Wishing you all happy, healthy baking courtesy of Helen and the MY Food team 🙂