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Do you ever buy a bag of chips, packet of popcorn or bar of chocolate and indulge immensely in the delicious flavours of the first one, handful or bite? Then look down and realise that you have eaten everything and don’t even recall doing it? Don’t we all! But what if it were possible to enjoy delight in every mouthful and feel fully contented after? In the wonderful book The Mindfulness Revolution, the chapter on mindful eating (contributed by author and mindful eating educator Jan Chozen Bays) takes you to that place!

Not only will this book provide you with an opening to mindful eating but it will also open your eyes to how to incorporate mindfulness into many other and different elements of your life.

The Mindfulness Revolution (edited by Barry Boyce) shares the work of leading psychologists, scientists, artists and meditation teachers on the power of mindfulness in daily life. Boyce has created an insightful and informative collection of the world’s most mindful and aware practitioners to deliver to you how to implement and enjoy mindfulness in your life.

The book explores the work of these professionals in chapters such as mindful eating, why mindfulness matters, mindfulness and trauma, mindfulness for children, parenting with mindful awareness and a whole lot more! Including the variation of different mindful practices you can adopt and the numerous ways in which you can engage with these practices in your day to day life. To bring more joy and awareness into each day and reduce stress and the busy-ness of your mind.

A name that crops up regularly throughout the book is that of John Kabat – Zan. I was first and recently introduced to the work of John Kabat – Zan through a friend of mine who is currently taking a course on mindfulness for children. She shared with me her understanding of how his work of has evolved.

The ‘why mindfulness matters’ chapter of this book is taken from the work of Kabat – Zan. It explores the list of great reasons to make mindfulness practise part of our daily lives and communities.

If you are embarking on your journey of mindfulness or want to develop your practice and understand further, this is an interesting and awareness enhancing book to add to your collection!

Happy reading!