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It’s potent in scent but it has the wonderful ability to make so many dishes taste. . . Oh so delicious! Garlic is a plant and part of the onion (allium) family. Not only is this plant delicious and nutritious but contains very few calories and is jam packed with vitamins and minerals.

Our MY Food healthy meals do not at present contain any garlic for various reasons. However, we would most certainly recommend adding some to your MY Food meals, adding garlic to your own home cooking and/or supplementing some into your diet. Here is why:

  • For every ounce/ 28 grams of garlic, it is claimed to contain 23% RDA of Manganese, 17% RDA of Vitamin B6, 15% RDA of Vitamin C, 6% RDA of selenium, 0.6 grams of fibre. As well as calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1.
  • The supplementation of garlic has been identified to boost the function of the immune system
  • The supplementation of garlic has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure
  • For all our athletes and exercise bunnies garlic has been shown through different studies to reduce fatigue after performance
  • Some studies have shown the ability of garlic to reduce cholesterol It is a great alternative to salt when combined with lemon juice, chilli, herbs and spices

Get garlicy!