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For those of you indulging in our calorie controlled, healthy MY Food meal plans, you have already tackled one of the greatest habitual challenges of Autumn/Winter; Over eating!

But what else are we prone to pick up habitually over the course of the colder darker days? And how are we able to ensure that we keep ourselves on the well-being pathway?

1. Observe our negligence of water and be aware of our habit of replacing water with food.

Due to the cold, we become less aware of our thirst and there for tend to hydrate less. Combined with the delicious festive and comforting foods available to warm us up. We are likely to neglect the water and opt for more yummies. Perhaps reach for hot water, herbal teas and mint/lemon/ginger infused hot water instead. To keep hydrated and less inclined to eat your way through the cold season.

2. Observe our exercises choices! Do we find that Netflix, a warm blanket and a glass of wine are a more regular option than our usual gym session, Yoga class or run?

It’s freezing, it’s dark and there seem to be so many other appealing options than dragging ourselves out to go to exercise. How about adapting to something that is enjoyable during the cold as well? Such as a treadmill run, a home workout or a hot Yoga class to allow us all to enjoy exercises in the winter. . . but also stay toasty!

3. Observe our new- found commitment to ‘carblicious’ meals!

Due to the cold and dark we often find ourselves replacing our balanced meals with high carbohydrate comfort meals. Which is great on the odd occasion, but not so beneficial for our health and well-being, all the way up until the days become light in Spring 2018. This time of year, is great to add pulses to your meals to keep them bulky, comforting and healthy. As is adding vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli.

Hopefully with a little more awareness we can enjoy the cold, festive season and our health and well-being at the same time.

Stay healthy 😊