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Sian lost 7 lbs in 14 Days

I was in a rut of being good at the gym and working hard, but not managing to lose any weight due to the type of foods and portion sizes I was eating.

I did a lot of research into food plans delivered and MY Food stood out with its standard of food and reviews.

I chose a 14 day period as I really wanted to just lose a few pounds to kick start me and give me the incentive to carry it on, but the biggest lesson from using MY Food was the portion size I should be eating and the types of food.

I lost half a stone in the most enjoyable way ever and my stomach stopped feeling bloated! I was not starving through the duration and only struggled a little with cravings/grumpiness just the once on day four where I believe my body was detoxing and getting used to the change.

The food is of such a high quality standard and I found myself looking forward to them.

I do not believe I would have lost that half a stone trying a diet by myself as the convenience of the meals being ready and made really did make it all the more possible when you are an on the go Mum like myself.

It’s given me the absolute incentive to now carry on to my goal weight by controlling the portion sizes.

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