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Spelt is an ancient grain, renowned for the several health benefits it offers to the human body. These benefits have been noted as:

  • The regulation of metabolism
  • The building of strong bones
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Boosting of digestive function
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Reducing cholesterol in the body

Many of our clients at MY Food who suffer with migraines, atherosclerosis, skin irritations, IBS or diabetes, have informed us of reduced symptoms when substituting spelt for wheat. The substitute of spelt for wheat to benefit the symptoms of celiac disease has not been supported.

If you are wondering what the similarities and differences are between spelt and wheat, well. . .

Spelt also (as does wheat) contains gluten. The ‘but’ here is that, the gluten contained in spelt has a different molecular make up than that found in wheat; It is more fragile and water soluble, allowing an easier process of digestion in the body. Additionally the higher fiber content in spelt works to aid a better digestion of spelt than that which occurs with wheat.

Spelt is a great wheat replacement in the following:

And if you still aren’t tempted to give spelt a try! Don’t forget that spelt retains it hard outer hull, protecting the grain from pests and elements, making spelt even more naturally good for you 🙂