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Samantha’s New Body Plan (Now 1200 Calorie Diet Plan) – End of Two Week Plan!

“Today is my last day of the full two weeks plan and I have lost a total of 8 and 1/2 pounds!”

“I am so pleased that I have lost weight and I don’t even feel like I have been on a diet. Obviously I was not eating like my usual self as I was out of control but I was still eating delicious meals! I have done many a diet – cabbage soup, master cleanse, Atkins etc and all of them made me really suffer (especially the master cleanse! Still can’t believe I managed to do that – google it!) This has honestly been really easy to follow. I of course was tempted to cheat quite a lot but the fact that I had the food made and ready meant I knew what i was going to have and it was worth waiting for. Doing this blog and knowing that I had to do before and after pictures was a MASSIVE incentive! If I was about to reach for those crisps I knew that if I didn’t lose any weight on the blog I would feel like I’d failed.”

Start Weight
Weight: 11.4 stone
Waist: 82cm
Hips: 99cm
Bust: 102cm

Weight after Two weeks of New Body Plan
Weight: 10.10 stone
Waist: 79cm
Hips: 98cm
Bust: 100cm

“I still have a bit of a way to go as I want to get back down to my happy healthy 9.7 stone. A long way to go indeed!”

“I have decided to do the MY Food dinner only option. Basically this is just the dinner part of the New Body plan. I think I should be good on this plan as I am fine during the day and at work – its only when I get home the mammoth eating session begins! I’m also going to order a snack pack each week as I am going to be going to the gym loads and running in the mornings”.

“I will keep you all updated on my progress each week and I am aiming to be 9.7 stone by New years eve! Lets see if I can do it!”