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Are you looking for healthy ready meals delivered straight to your door? Have you been scouring the internet searching for ways to fit your diet and exercise plan around work? MY Food Lifestyle can help you kick start your fitness goals with their balanced meal plans.

Ready meals are often met with derision because of the preconception that they are all unhealthy. Our meals are based to fit in with a healthy lifestyle, and our one-hour delivery slot allows you to squeeze exercise into your busy schedule.

We supply a wide range of different diet plans that are freshly prepared and ready for you to eat. Depending on which diet plan suits your taste buds and calorie intake, you can have a week of food created by our BANT registered nutritionist and prepared by our professional chef.

At MY Food Lifestyle, we can give you the best possible aid to keeping healthy. For example, our ‘Superfood Souping’ diet plan gives you five or ten days-worth of nutritious and filling soup. It’s the perfect substitute for spending hours of chopping ingredients each week.

Our ready meal delivery service has been endorsed by Kirsty Gallagher, Gabby Logan and Caroline Flack.To try our latest diet plans, get in touch with us now to find out more.

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