We all want to do our bit for the environment and here at MY Food we take our responsibilities to provide sustainable packaging very seriously.

After you remove your delicious MY Food order from the hamper and place in the recommended storage area, you will be left with various internal components, all carefully chosen to ensure that your meals arrive in perfect condition, but, we also want the packaging to be recycled where possible.

So here are some ideas that our creative customers have suggested to make use of your packaging:

Cardboard box / Layer Card
  • This can be donated to schools and nurseries where they can be used in arts and crafts projects. Ask locally to see if schools near you participate in such schemes and you may be surprised at what the box can turn into
  • Dig out your ‘Blue Peter badge’, cover the box with papier mache to reinforce and decorate to store toys/clutter away
  • Let your children’s imagination go wild, they can make a car or stack and tape together to make a house
  • There are so many uses for card the list is endless, alternatively just put it in your recycling bin for kerbside collection and it can be made into hundreds of different things
Polystyrene Board / Wedges
  • Create a notice board for your kids rooms, study or kitchen
  • Use as separators in cooler boxes
  • Make a dolls house for imaginative play
  • Collect as many as you can and line the walls of your garage to insulate
  • Check your local recycling facilities
Poly Chips / Foam Dividers
  • Put them at the bottom of a pot plant to aerate the soil
  • Cover in a quick drying material and use as a pillow in the bath
  • Keep to pack items that you have sold on-line
  • Make a polychip bean bag
  • Collect the foam and use to put new life into old cushions
Ice Packs
  • Keep and use as coolers for your picnic or lunchbox
  • Make a wine cooler by using a cloth or plastic sheet, fold in half and wrap around a wine bottle then fill the cavity with defrosted ice packs, secure the ends together, freeze with an empty wine bottle to keep in shape and use on your next picnic
  • Cover with a towel and use on sprains and injuries
  • Take to the supermarket with you to keep your frozen meals cool in transit
Thank you to everyone who participated, please email any more creative recycling ideas you may have to sales@myfood.co.uk