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We always get such amazing feedback from our customers. We have been Diet Delivery experts for over 12 years now and have developed strong relationships with all of our customers, heres what our customers have to say about us…

I Love MY Food Because…


“It helped me lose 7lbs in 1 week giving me the head start & boost that I needed!”


“The meals are varied & delicious. The portions are generous & filling, the variety & range of the vegetarian meals are amazing.”

“I have been a customer since you were called ‘Diet in a box’…mainly because the food is delicious & easy to prepare!”

“The menu plans & products are so tasty, filling, high quality & convenient. This coupled with fantastic customer service has kept me coming back again & again.”

“It makes life so easy. The food is delicious & is a great way to eat healthy & lose weight.” 

“I don’t feel like I am on a diet, it’s more like I’m being indulged with the most gorgeous vegetarian food. The quality & choice is absolutely amazing!”

“It takes the guesswork out of eating healthy. When I feel my lifestyle getting a bit too gluttonous or I gain a bit of weight, I use MY Food for as long as needed to bring me back on track. The food is healthy, calorie & portion-controlled, & most importantly, very tasty.”

“It makes my life easier. Being a full time carer, it is often hard to take time out to look after myself. MY Food looks after me!”

“MY Food means I can concentrate on my exercise regime & the food looks after itself.”

“The taste & variety of the food is fabulous! I have eaten dishes & ingredients that I’ve never heard of before & it’s given me inspiration to try creating some of the dishes at home for myself & my family. Yum!”

“I love MY Food; the food is delicious, nutritious, tastes exciting & I know that it helps to maintain my weight in a healthy way. After the arrival of my son, it helped me to lose 3 stone in 3 months!”

”The food is convenient, affordable, delicious & exciting! The service is friendly & fun. What’s not to like?!”

“Because it allows you to feel great & improve your healthy without even noticing!”

“It’s easy, delicious, exciting & healthy…what more does a girl want?”

“The variety of food is amazing. I’d never think of cooking these types of meals for myself & so every day feels like I’m opening my taste buds up to new flavours & combinations. It’s the perfect solution for the struggling dieter!”

“The food looks & tastes amazing! I feel a lot more energised & positive about myself when I am on the plan. I love coming home from work & not have that horrible feeling of having to cook my own food!”