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Good Afternoon,

Eva and I are now getting into the groove, it has been a couple of days and things seem to be moving along well.

We are both surprised at the “fullness ” we feel! Looking at the food in the pouch, does not do it justice. One thing that MY Food has taught us already is we usually eat far too much food at each sitting.

Yesterday’s lunch was lentils and mackerel. It was really tasty and we just popped it into our bag and took it with us, sat in the sunshine and ate it. Again, we would of had a full restaurant lunch normally; more unnecessary food.

During a normal day l find that I am hungry and find food whatever it is and consume it. Especially true at lunch times, usually high sugar, high carb, unhealthy stuff, or a full blown three course lunch. However, yesterday I took the tomato soup with me and planed to eat it when I was hungry, wherever I was for lunch; worked perfectly.

Eva and I are feeling occasional hunger between meals but when we do the snacks are perfect and surprisingly filling taking the edge off hunger.

I plan to go out for a meal on Wednesday and find myself already drooling over a steak. However I have already thought about what not to order i.e. Starters, dessert, cheesy chips, so another positive. Let’s see how it goes.

I will keep you updated!