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Well. . . As we near the end of week 4, all the anecdotal evidence has been mentioned, how we feel more energised, sleep better, improved mental heath, new zest for life etc etc.
All this stuff is super fantastic and can’t be questioned, but it is purely anecdotal and about Eva and I; so realistically can’t be “proved” as such.

However, what can be proved without any question is:
1. FACT we both have lost weight
2. FACT Eva has not spent hours In the gym with a trainer
3. FACT If you add a gym program to the MYFOOD plan;
(A) There is enough food to sustain the training without having to top up
(B) You will increase the weight loss and achieve great results

For the record, before this program, I have NEVER believed any before and after pictures, stories, or marketing from the various ” get slim, fab abs, blah blah marketing.” BUT I am pleased to say thanks to MY Food, I am now living proof of a convert!

Only a few days to go until our final pre-Christmas weigh -in! I will update you then.


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