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In March this year MY Food directors were asked by the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, in association with Bournemouth and Poole College, if they could accommodate a placement student, Ryan Stiggants. Ryan’s business idea is within the food industry, he has similar goals to MY Food and was looking to learn from professionals, so this was a perfect match.

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur and star of Dragon’s Den, Peter Jones CBE, with a view to encourage more entrepreneurial activity in the UK based on a philosophy of ‘Learning by doing’.

MY Food being a progressive, successful company, never wanting to get stuck in its ways and always looking to invest in new things and new ideas thought it was a great idea, and so invited Edward Collett of the PJEA to visit and explain more.

Business partners Nas Amir- Ahmadi and Angela Rowley actioned the request quickly due to a previously agreed placement pulling out at the last moment. The placement was scheduled to start in a matter of days, so introductions were made and it was agreed that Ryan would be a highly suitable candidate and could start with MY Food, staying for a period of four weeks.

MY Food had a few ideas on their product development road map that they hadn’t yet had the time to start, so looked at the options and gave Ryan a high priority project, looking in to a section of the MY Food Snacks product range. This was with a view to a future launch in to new markets and to new demographics. Ryan also learnt about the day to day running of a high paced, energetic diet delivery company, working with MY Food’s PR & Marketing team.

In order to thoroughly understand the marketplace, the prospective customers, the pricing and the packaging, Ryan had to apply a variety of the latest research techniques to gather data such as taste tests and online surveys. He also had to look at competitors, branding, pricing, packaging and product placement, before starting to put together his conclusions, of which would be presented to Edward, Nas and Angela for assessment.

As you can probably predict, Ryan’s project was a resounding success. He was able to clearly show how he believed the product should be presented, how much it should cost and who would be the target customer. Further to this Ryan learnt a lot about the industry and the issues faced in the day to day running of a successful business.

Nas, Peter and Angela were highly impressed by the effort shown, the attention to detail and the professionalism delivered, in both his day to day performance and his final presentation.

Nas, founder of MY Food, commented:

“At MY Food we embrace young minds and new ideas, and will continue to support them. We find that placement students always give back what we put in, working with Ryan and the PJEA has proven this yet again”.

Ryan’s work will be parked for a short period whilst other developments on the MY Food product roadmap are delivered, however it will be rolled out in the not too distant future, so watch this space for exciting news!

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