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We offered you all the opportunity to win a months complementary hamper with MY Food!

The winners, were Adam and Eva. Who, for the next month will have the pleasure of eating our 28 day MY Food meal plan.

We will share with you how they are both getting on as well as some feedback – including photos – from both Adam and Eva themselves!

Check out their before pictures below and be sure to watch their weight loss journey!

Adam At The Start


Eva At The Start



Adam: ” Hey, Father Christmas has come early. We got our first delivery from the DPD today, they had an app which was easy to download, even for me, with zero aptitude. Two boxes arrived, his and hers! Everything is packed in an organised way, with labels and cooking directions. You get a meal plan, and cooking instructions. The food is organised in the fridge , his and hers shelf, lunch and dinner. Let the fun begin!! 😊”

We will look forward to sharing Adam and Eva’s progress with you all!

Stay healthy