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Front of House Team

Welcome to our blog! To start off with, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you all to the MY Food team that makes your delicious diet delivery plans, so when you call in to place orders, or ask questions, you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to. So let’s start at the top

Nas Amir-Ahmadi, Owner & Founder
Nas founded MY Food back in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since. She is the driving force behind everyone and everything at MY Food. Upbeat, focused and smiling. Nas keeps the team on their toes.

Great food, great people and relishes a challenge.
Negativity and belly button fluff, although if Nas had to pick one, she would definitely ban negativity.

Diana Green, Nutritionist
Joined MY Food in 2005. Diana advises on menu design and nutritional analysis of all recipes. She also keeps the team and customers informed of new research linking diet and health.

The juice from sun ripened tropical fruit dripping down her chin as she bites in to it, and the journey that delivered her to the fruit stall by the side of the road.

Wasting calories on food prepared without love and passion. Diana is however prepared to eat the coffee chocolates that

Mariana Jaisingh, Logistics Manager
Joining the team back in March of 2010, Mariana is the ‘heart of MY Food. She controls all logistical operations, makes sure that all disasters are avoided and keeps the HQ running smoothly.

Excel spread sheets, cooking and dark chocolate.

Bad news and fennel.

Angela Voisey, Financial Controller
Joined MY Food in August 2007, Angela completes all the companies account duties and payroll. She is also the first point of call for any HR issues.

Being pampered and lovely restaurants. She also loves vacuuming!

Spelling mistakes, messy bathrooms and general clutter

The Catering Team

Lizzy Harrison, Chef

Joined the team in 2007. Lizzy prepares and cooks all the diet plan lunches, as well as making the delicious MY Food breakfast range and the lovely snacks.

Sunny days, great food and her doting family.

Dirt and muck, and cannot stand politics.

Helen Harris, Kitchen Operations
Helen joined MY Food in November 2011. She prepares all the salads and completes any special packaging the diet plans may need, in order for them to arrive to the customer in perfect condition.

Making novelty cakes in her spare time and her fiancé Leigh.

Bad driving and cold feet.

Leigh (Archie) Archer, Kitchen Assistant
Leigh has been with MY Food since 2009. He prepares all the meats and fish used throughout the range of delicious diet plans. Leigh also helps Helen with any specific packing requirements.

Playing with technology. He also loves live music, especially the festivals and his fiancée Helen (of course).

Early mornings. Try not to talk to Archie until at least 9AM!

Keaun Hardy, Kitchen Porter
Keaun is a recent addition to the kitchen crew, having started with the team in November 2012. Keaun excels at keeping the kitchen shiny and clean, and always helps his fellow team members to stay on top of things when the kitchen gets busy.

Going out and meeting new people, as well as staying fit as a fiddle.

The winter in general. The rain and cold are not Keaun’s friends.

So you have now met the team that work towards making your delicious diet plans, helping you lose weight and achieve the body you want.  Feel free to say ‘Hi’ the next time you call to place an order or ask a question.

If you need to call to ask any questions, you can get hold of us on 01202 697100, or you may be able find the answer to your question by visiting the website www.myfood.co.uk. Alternatively you can email us at sales@myfood.co.uk and someone WILL get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!