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At MY Food our healthy meal plans encompass a variety of whole, organic and natural foods. Foods that are full of nutrients, colourful, low in or free from sugar and offer the options to be gluten, dairy and meat free! With the intention of maximising your health and wellness. As well as providing you with something delicious to nourish your bodies with.

Today I would like to share with you a video of 3 doctors debating the best ways to eat! Dr Frank LipmanDr Mark Hyman and Dr Joel Kahn. All of the doctors have different beliefs in what is the best diet to maximise optimal health. However fundamentally those differences are only slight and are based on the same basic principles.

A key message from the doctors is that many of us fail to acknowledge is how important genetic heterogeneity is! What each of our genes and make up makes us suitable for. . .And the only way to find this out is to try different nutrients and food groups. For those of you that up until now have struggled to find something that fits well with you, the doctors touch on ideas as to what has suited their clients, that took a long time to find something that fitted them.

Frank, Mark and Joel also agree that everyone would benefit best from eating a real food diet, containing lots of different nutrients that is low is sugar. The advice also goes onto to say not to become obsessed with food but to try things and identify how they make you feel and then ‘eat what makes you feel good.’ Sounds similar to what we promote here at MY Food 😉

I couldn’t recommend watching this video enough. It really gives light to the different beliefs in nutrient consumption at this time. But for those of you limited in time. . .Or that just don’t enjoy videos. Check out the take home message from each of the three doctors:

Frank Lipman:  ‘Eat as close to nature as possible.’

Mark Hyman: ‘Don’t eat anything with a label. Sugar is a drug use it like that; Rarely, occasionally and for fun. Get rid of all processed fats.’

Joel Kahn: ‘Stop drinking milk. Eat a red apple everyday. Eat a bean burger instead of a hamburger everyday – that would be a nice start.

Happy viewing and happy eating 🙂