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For 14 years I have been helping people make dietary changes and sharing their stories. After reading about Veganuary and adding a vegan week to the MY Fresh Start Diet Plan it occurred to me, that although I eat a lot of vegan meals, I have never been 100% vegan, so it’s time to give it a try!

My preferred diet is pescatarian as I love fish, I occasionally eat meat, but I probably won’t miss it. However my daily treat is a lovely cup of tea, or two, which I have with milk… I am going to miss that!

It’s a tricky week for me to undertake this as we are making SIXPAX menu changes and I’m normally chief taster, but I will hand the tasting over to the SIXPAX team and experience being a vegan for 7 days, maybe more. I hope you will share my journey.

Nas 🙂

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