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As you can see the pictures are different from week 1! I still do not look like Tom cruise?! But have read the small print on the MY Food website and I cannot actually find any reference that alluded to the fact that, that would be possible. However what I have found on the website, is that if you try the food plan and stick to it YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT and we are losing weight.
Now I know the pictures do not really show the weight loss to the extent that has happened, but we are only half way threw the process. We both feel a lot lighter and of course you can’t take a before and after picture of your mental health. But if you could the changes would be as dramatic as any photo shopped celebrities fake beach photos! Both Eva and myself sleep better, wake up refreshed and our productivity has increased. We both had a tinge of sadness last night that this was the start of week 3, so we are getting towards the end of the process.

So far I think it has worked very well and the fact we are doing it ” together” has strengthened our commitment and has strangely helped us bond, as we support each other.

I will report our week 3’s weight loss in a few days.


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