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Staying healthy is based on motivation. The thought of going to the gym filling you with dread? The extra preparation for food wasting your time? At MY Food Lifestyle, you can have delicious healthy meal diet plans delivered to you without moving a muscle.

That’s not to dissuade you from exercise, as any healthy diet needs a balance of exercise and nutrients. However, using our food delivery service, you can make more time to keep yourself in shape while enjoying food from around the world.

Our meal plans are specially created by our team of creative chefs to suit all sorts of tastes and requirements. We only use the freshest ingredients and our hampers are packed full of nutritious and fulfilling food.

We have a wide selection of healthy meal plans already pre-designed for you to try. Our BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist ensures that all our plans have food that is both healthy and delicious. Why not delve into our Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mexican and traditional British meal plans and order your first hamper with us?

We believe that our meal plans can help you hit your weight loss goals, improve your wellbeing and give you more time to enjoy life. Try our 1-day taste trial to discover a new type of delivered food.