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Halal Meal Plans

Our Halal Meal Plans are delicious, nutrition and 100% Halal. We source all of our ingredients carefully and work with selected suppliers to provide you with the best fresh halal meal plans available, to view our Halal certification, please click here.

Halal Red Meat, Poultry & Fish Meal Plan

5 day plans from £94.95

Halal Poultry & Fish Meal Plan

5 day plans from £94.95

Halal Poultry Meal Plan

5 day plans from £94.95

Pescatarian Meal Plan

5 day plans from £94.95

Vegetarian Meal Plan

5 day plans from £94.95

Vegan Meal Plan

5 day plans from £94.95

SIXPAX Halal Meal Plan

5 day plans from £119.95

Halal Meal Plans

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