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If you’re looking for fresh meals delivered straight to your door and want to explore the taste of world food without the hassle of cooking, come and see what our team at MY Food Lifestyle have to offer.

While ready meals have a bad reputation, our meal plans are healthy, nutritious and fulfilling. By using our service, you will also be able to select a one-hour delivery option. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to fit our diet plans around your schedule.

Our diet plans are perfect to complement busy work patterns and can ensure you are getting the right nutrients to keep your body ticking over all day. We give you the option to choose weekly diet plan to suit your whims and desires for that week. From Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine to traditional English and Mexican meals. We give you the opportunity to try exciting new foods and discover your food heaven.

Our BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist ensures that all our food is perfect to keep you satisfied as well as healthy. Coupling our diet plans with exercise is a perfect recipe to a wholesome lifestyle.

If you’re sceptical about starting a diet plan or want to find out more about our service, why not get in contact with our team.

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Calorie control experts

MY Food are the experts in healthy food. We provide fresh, healthy diets delivered to your door anywhere in the UK. From ready-made bodybuilding meals to slimming meals delivered to you door. See great results soon, start now.



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