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Diets can be a taboo for many people, there are always new fad diets entering the market place claiming significant long lasting results in very little time. This sort of pattern doesn’t help the reputation of diets plans in general when people are considering how to get back to the shape they want to be, and makes people believe that all diets are ineffective and a waste of time.

The human body, is as we know, an amazing thing. It will, on the whole, naturally settle on the size it should be for the amount of exercise and food being taken on. This is why for many people diets are a very temporary and ineffective exercise. They will adopt bad weight loss techniques by massively reducing the amount of food being eaten, often trying a single food source to reduce the amounts of calories being taken on, such as the Cabbage Soup Diet or even more radical diets like the Ice Cube Diet. These techniques are not long term or sustainable methods when attempting to lose weight. In fact, the second you come off the fad diet in question, your body will immediately do it’s best to take back the elements it was missing during the diet phase, causing you to put the lost weight straight back on in double quick time!

There can be numerous other negative repercussions when adopting a fad diet, two of these may include bad skin and depression. This is a result of the body not getting the right nourishment or nutrients to maintain a healthy body or mind and can quickly deteriorate into a state of mental or physical malnourishment.

The Mental Health Foundation discovered that nearly “two thirds of those that who do not report daily mental health problems eat fresh fruit or fruit juice every day, compared with less than half of those who do report daily mental health problems.” To ensure you don’t suffer unnecessary issues you need to eat regularly throughout the day, try and stay away from refined foods such as sugary drinks and snacks. These food types can give you an instant rush of energy but can quickly burnout and leave the body in a state of low blood sugar levels. This in turn can lead to irritability and tiredness.

Processed food types often contain very little in terms of useful proteins which contain the essential amino acids that in turn helps maintain skin, muscle and immune function. Most of all, amino acids contain tryptophan which is needed in a continuous supply to maintain a health state of mind, reducing the chances of depression.

Read more about the Mental Health Foundation findings by clicking here.

The second bodily repercussion mentioned was how diets could affect skin condition. The food you eat can affect your skin as much as it affects your waistline.

The skin relies on antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables to block the chemical reactions that can lead to skin damage. It also relies on fatty acids found in fish to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Antioxidants have also been proven to neutralise the free radicals that directly contribute to wrinkles and brown spots.

So how can you ensure you are getting all the right elements from food whilst cutting out the stuff that’s bad for you? The solution is to choose a healthy diet plan that has been proven in the past by others. A plan that delivers a wide range of food types offering a range of proteins and good carbohydrates (with a low glycaemic index) amongst other things.

Once you have decided on a healthy diet plan that will answer the issues you are facing, you need to decide whether you have the knowledge, time or inclination to make these meals for yourself, or whether you should employ a specialist company to do it for you?

The benefits of choosing a professional company to deliver a proven diet plan for you, is that they can ­

  • Buy the foods in bulk, getting far lower prices than you can find at a super market
  • Employ a high quality professional chef to use the ingredients in a tasty and nutritional way. (These chefs can spend more time in the kitchen than you can, so will usually produce better results than you ever could)
  • Diversify the meal choices whilst having qualified nutritionists ensure said meals all fall within the tasty and healthy categories
  • Hugely reduce the amounts of dirty dishes and pans for you to deal with post meal

If you need help choosing the right one for you then please call on 01202 697100 and we can advise which give the results you are looking for?

Thanks for reading.