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. . That is what Nas has to share with all our Veganuary’s (& non Veganuary’s) this week! It is a wet, grey Sunday afternoon and to keep you all inspired for this coming week, we are sharing with you below Nas’s most recent update for her all vegan, all creative January, 2018!

“Chef Wayne is at MY Food HQ today preparing bespoke vegan meals for a client, so today will be a delicious day 🙂

You may wonder why I’m not eating a MY Food or SIXPAX vegan plan. The reason is that I want to see how challenging being a vegan is without MY Food to help me and I also want to be inspired with new food ideas. Of course I will be eating some of our vegan meals, but I choose not to do a structured plan, so that I’d have to get thinking.

January is a busy month for us and time is precious, so I was delighted that Wayne made lunch for me. I enjoyed a Thai Green Curry served with a mix of beans, pulses, seeds & fresh herbs (see photo). Healthy, satisfying and totally delicious!

I’ve noticed how I’m so used to my everyday habits, even if they’re good ones. It’s a bit like driving to work the same way every day it’s too easy to ignore the route, but if you drive a different way it’s amazing how much more of the journey you notice.  If we always do the same things we can become complacent and lose the real joy, so this experience is already encouraging me to mix things up and I’m enjoying it.

Dinner after my long day was quick & easy. I marinated tofu in lime, ginger & tamari and added it to stir fried vegetables topped with fresh coriander, perfect.

Lesson for the day; consistency is key and variety is the spice of life…. it’s just about getting the balance right. ”

Stay healthy!

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