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100g of roasted chicken breast can contain more than 35 grams of protein!!!

Asides the fact that -as we all know – it is fulllll of protein and low in fat. What other benefits to our health does chicken have?

Chicken has been identified to contain both vitamin B5 and B6, both of which can benefit the immune system. The phosphorus, calcium and selenium that have been claimed to be in chicken are said to benefit the health of the bones. Additionally, chicken has been identified to be high in zinc.

Below are some of our delicious MY Food chicken meals:

  • Roasted vegetables with chicken, chickpeas and tahini
  • Orange chicken with brown rice salad
  • Coronation chicken with sweet potato wedges
  • Thai squash, pineapple and chicken curry
  • Chicken, carrot and sweet chilli soup
  • Roasted chicken with Mediterranean vegetables
  • Chicken and vegetable melange
  • Chicken, red lentil and sweet potato curry

Give one a try and let us know what you think!