Natalie lost 1 stone in 28 days

“I wanted to make a positive change to my eating habits after indulging in unhealthy snacks whilst working as a lorry driver.

Weighing 14 stone 9 pounds and with a BMI ranking as overweight, I knew it was time for change, for my health and confidence.

*I decided to complete a 1 month 1200 Calorie Poultry & Fish Diet Plan. I managed to achieve a healthy weight loss of 3lbs each week. By the end of the plan I had lost 1 stone in 1 month and lost an amazing 16.8 inches... including losing 3.4 inches around my chest and a total of 9 inches from my waist, thighs and stomach.

It is not just how I look physically, but how I feel too. Now I know what to avoid and I keep MY Food’s range of snacks close by in the van to ensure I does not slip back into my old habits.”

MY Statistics
BMI before 34.2
BMI after 31.8
Total inch loss - 16.8 inches

March 11, 2016 by Nas Amir-Ahmadi

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