We found out what inspired Nas to put on MY Food's very first retreat. . .

With the very first MY Food retreat only 2 weeks away! We wanted to get the low down from the lady who made it happen. Check out below what Nas had to say to our questions about her thoughts on the MY Food Healthy Haven retreat. . . . 

Are you very excited about your very first MY Food Healthy Haven retreat? Yes! Very!! In fact, all of the MY Food team are excited. It is a new project, in a beautiful location and we have the opportunity to work on delivering something really nourishing and special to our lovely MY Food clients. 

What inspired you to put on a retreat? We’ve thought about it many times over the past 14 years, but it takes so much planning and preparation that we always had other things to do. However life is about new experiences and we decided now is the right time to enjoy this challenge.

What is MY Food aiming to deliver to all the retreat guests? We want our retreat guests to experience the pleasure of combining good food, exercise, relaxation and learning in a beautiful setting. That really is a very special feeling and we want to share it.

What were the reasons for selecting the location in Portugal? The Algarve has 300 days of sunshine per year, Olhao has a rich food heritage and our retreat house is simply stunning. Everything came together perfectly, so why wouldn’t we!

What about Casa Fuzetta is special for the MY Food retreat? Everything! The house is totally unique and is the perfect setting for a special retreat; 12 stunning suites, a fully equipped kitchen, meditation room and private spa rooms. But above all that it has a certain magic, which we are excited to share with our guests.

What are you looking forward to the most for the first MY Food retreat? Honestly, the sunshine on my face whilst sharing good food, knowledge and fun times with our guests. Oh and our 14th birthday celebration dinner is going to be delicious.

So, now we know! Wishing everyone spending 5 days at the MY Food Healthy Haven a fabulous and relaxing trip! 

Stay Healthy :)

February 12, 2018 by Saffee Dineen