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We are always proud of the results our customers achieve but it makes such a difference to the MY Food team when they take the time to share them with us. Now we can share them with you to inspire you to start your healthy life journey:

Caroline Flack

"MY Food is complete luxury. All the meals are freshly prepared and taste delicious. My body felt a massive difference in the first week and at last I have a flat stomach!"

Caroline Flack, TV Presenter

Kirsty Gallacher

"MY Food is such a great service, so convenient and ideal for anyone with a hectic lifestyle who still wants to be healthy. The food choices were very tasty and surprisingly filling, and after 2 weeks on the New Body plan I felt totally cleansed and full of energy. My partner Paul Sampson opted for the evening meal plan so that we could eat together each night and that worked perfectly, we both felt great at the end of it!"

Kirsty Gallacher, TV Presenter

Ashley Pearson

"Like a lot of people i just don't have the time to buy and prepare the vegetables and healthy carbs and lean protein i want to eat. This service makes it so much easier to eat healthily! They've taken all the work out of it; and the food is AMAZING. I have never been disappointed. I love all the plans but at the moment I am working out a lot so the Active Body version has been a godsend. I've encouraged a lot of celebrities to try it and they've all come back to me and said they loved it. It's a great programme "

Ashley Pearson, TV Presenter

Gabby Logan

"Active Body is a perfect way to eat well and train hard. I had enough energy to work, exercise and look after my children without feeling I was getting depleted. It was so easy to use and the meals were very tasty."

Gabby Logan, TV Presenter

Di Stewart

“MY Food is really convenient and prepared superbly. Having such a hectic lifestyle and trying to be disciplined with food can be tough. I felt hugely energised and less bloated at the end of the week. Thoroughly recommend it."

Dianna Stewart, Sky TV Presenter

Kenny Logan


"I was dreading doing MY Food, I did the protein version which was fantastic, the food was delicious, I was never hungry and it didn't feel like I was on a New Body programme, the packaging is great and it's all so easy to follow.”

Kenny Logan, Former Rugby International

rob norbury

"The different meal choices were amazing and I have felt a real difference in my energy and performance levels. I never knew eating healthy could be so enjoyable. Thanks MY Food!"

Rob Norbury, Actor


"I've really enjoyed being on the MY Food Plan. Not only has it made structuring my meals a lot more easier but i have really felt the benefit of eating their meals. Even though they're packaged, they are all very fresh and taste like they have just been made. The structure of the meal plan is perfect as it allows for little carbs earlier in the day and less in the evenings and there is a decent amount of protein in every meal. Although I found it strange not cooking for myself I felt like i was on a very balanced nutritional plan, I especially loved the Active Start Granola which seemed to be made from nuts and seeds as it gave me a protein start to the day in the form of a cereal type breakfast. Being on the MY Food Plan has not only made it easier for me to eat nutritious food without planning but it has also given me more time in the day which is very important to me as I am very busy. Being a fitness professional i am always preaching the importance of a balanced diet and I therefore recommend the MY Food Program to anyone who is looking to become healthier but doesn't have the time to put in the necessary planning that is required to follow this kind of healthy plan." Jean Pierre de Villiers, fitness and lifestyle ‘ReShape’ coach

Kerry Ellis

"I tried the MY Food plan for two weeks and it was brilliant! One of the best things about the plan is that it is sent to your door with a week of freshly made food that’s easy to prepare, you don't even need to think about it. There is a menu set out for you that’s easy to follow. The meals are healthy, tasty and filling so you don't need to snack. I have really felt a difference in the way my body feels; I have more energy and don't feel bloated. I love the museli bars the most I think. I would recommend this to anyone who has a busy lifestyle or who just needs a little help with choosing better foods and meals. It's great and it works; try it!"

Kerry Ellis, West End Star


"I'd like to thank everybody at MY Food for a brilliant service that helped me make a significant difference in how I feel and how I look. As someone who knows a thing or two about running a business and company culture it really was a pleasure for me to observe the way MY Food operates. Keep up the good work." Amir from London


"It's simple... the directions are easy and the meals take out all the 'guess work' when it comes to calculating and balancing correct levels of  Protein, Carbs and fats that an athlete needs. I live in the real world where food needs to be prepared and eaten quickly and visiting the supermarket for over 100 ingredients is not an option. Thanks MY Food!" Gavin from West Yorkshire

"We had so much to sort out before the wedding we didn't want to worry about losing weight aswell. Carly and I both went on the New Body plan 12 weeks before the wedding and we lost over 2 stone each. The diet plan was so easy to follow and the food was absolutly delicious that we're still on the plan to this day, it's become part of our lifestyle." Pete from Bournemouth

"The MY Food menu plans are so convenient and suits my hectic lifestyle perfectly.  The food is freshly cooked and packed full of flavour. Having meals delivered in a hamper a week at a time avoids temptation and takes the guesswork out of food selection and portion sizes. I followed the New Body plan with the main aim to lose weight.  After 4 months I am delighted to have not only lost 4 stone (without feeling hungry!) but also to feel fitter and healthier." Claire from Manchester

"With two small children and a full time multi-time zone job, trying to find the 'right' thing to eat that would help me to shed those final postpartum pounds was proving to be almost impossible. So when I came across the great press coverage for MY Food I jumped at the chance to take all of the thinking out of eating well and losing weight. The food has been incredibly tasty, varied and large in portion size. I never once have been hungry and the pounds just slipped away. I can't recommend the service highly enough!" Shannon from Surrey

"The New Body plan from MY Food is absolutely delicious! The food is really tasty, and flavoursome (not like some of the bland food I've tried from other diet companies) and you have the added bonus of losing weight without feeling deprived or like you are on a diet! It feels like you are eating at a restaurant every day(without the guilt!) as the quality is so good! Even if you're not on a diet and just want to eat healthy, lovely food then I would recommend the detox plan as the food is top quality and too good to miss!"Monica from Kent

"Completed my first 7 days of my New Body plan and lost 3lbs already! Its so easy,delicious and varied I love it, love it, love it! With a 5 month old baby to entertain you have made my life so much easier not having to think about cooking. Thanks again MY Food!" Carly from Bournemouth

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